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Not Your Typical Team

Traditional schools often used outdated strategies to try to educate students who can’t or won’t apply themselves to a ‘one size fits all’ approach. In doing so, many students feel shut out of the process, or worse, they feel like they don’t have the skills to succeed, when in fact, all they needed was another method of academic delivery and scheduling to empower them. Ascend Career Academy gives these students the one thing that can’t be taught, and that is hope. Whether they are college bound, or career-centered upon graduation, they will be positioned for future success when they leave us.

Vincent Alessi

25 Years of Experience in Education

Vincent Alessi

Former Principal at Broward County Public Schools

Vincent Alessi was a high performing teacher in at-risk schools when he chose to join the administrative ranks in Broward County. He turned around low performing schools, and he specialized in working with students who were often disenchanted with the traditional schools and required pathways to success that were individualized for their needs. He was so successful in these endeavors that he was asked to lead an alternative school, where he implemented career programs and initiated partnerships with community groups. In his role as principal of Ascend Career Academy, he intends to assist his students by creating a non-traditional environment so they can obtain their high school diplomas and enter colleges, or explore their defined career paths upon graduation.





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