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A High School Diploma AND Career Training


Free Laptop for Every Student

Ascend Academy is a technology-rich school, offering all of the latest technologies. Every student is assigned a laptop computer upon enrollment for use throughout the school year.


Career-Focused Training in School

Choose from seven career academies designed to prepare you for the work force. Ascend Academy provides free training and assistance aimed to get you an internship. Increase your chances of jumping right into an entry level position in the right career!


Flexible Learning

No matter how far behind you think you might be, Ascend Academy will work with every student to achieve proficiency in coursework and maintain appropriate credits for an accredited high school diploma. Our flexibility allows motivated students to work at their own pace and the opportunity to make-up credits or get ahead


FREE Laptop!

All students are given a laptop for class work during the school year.

Career-Centered Education

The ACA program will provide foundational and career developmental skills combined with technical reading competence necessary to engage and motivate students to succeed in the hands-on, industry and innovation-driven academies offered.

Blended Learning

With a strong focus on blended learning, embedded reading strategies and career training, students will benefit from the combination of online content and the traditional classroom instruction of a certified teacher.

Designed for You

The mission of Ascend Career Academy (ACA) is to serve those students that require a different academic challenge, less focused on a formal school environment.

Child Care & Education
Certified Protection Officer
Commercial Driving
Homeland Security
Office Management
Retail & Customer Service Skills
Food & Hospitality

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A Different Kind of Academic Challenge

Ascend Career Academy serves those students that require a different academic challenge. This school was built for you. Here is what students told us they wanted.

  • Less of a formal school environment 80%
  • Class instruction that is real-world based 60%
  • Provide interships and job training 90%

Meet Our Leadership Team…

Meet the Team

We Listened to You, This is Who We Are

We are a blended-model of instruction which allows students to go at their own pace and be able to graduate with their cohort

Our parallel path program provides a path for students struggling with state assessments to ensure that they have a “back-up plan” for graduation

We are seven career-focused academies which culminates with career certificates in each area

We offer internships and/or on the job training programs focused on the seven career academies

We offer career, academic, and personal counseling


Ascend Academy is a 100% FREE public charter high school.

You pay nothing, just register today and we will schedule you for a school tour.